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How It Is Done

Ivy Woodrose jewelry is made using three distinct techniques: Traditional metalsmithing;
Precious metal clay (PMC); and heat-set epoxy resin.

Each piece begins with a framework fabricated from sterling silver sheet and wire.
The design within is created with PMC. These inserts are filed to fit inside the
framework after they are kiln fired, oxidized and polished. Many of the patterns and
images are sourced from antique buttons and silver plated serving dishes from the
early 1900s.

The heat-set epoxy resin is colored with transparent pigments and carefully applied over
the PMC inserts using a needle tipped syringe. Each color is applied separately and cured
for approximately 2 hours. Once the color(s) are applied and cured a clear resin is applied
and cured. This clear layer provides the optics and fills in the framework. The surface is
then sanded and polished.

Ivy Woodrose jewelry is provocative. People are drawn to the shape, texture and color.
By wearing it you become part of a conversation

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